Friday, December 11, 2009

Great Australian Bight

Quick update to advise we are going well with our crossing of the Bight.

Left Esperance with light to moderate southerly winds and were able to lay a south easterly course to get some valuable southern miles logged. With the forecasted winds we needed to get a far way south of the rhumb line to make the most of the weather and not get too knocked around. It got a bit lively Weds & Thurs but has settled down now with reasonable winds albeit just not quite the right direction with a bit too much west in them. These should shift later today and get lighter to the point where we will have to motor for a while. Better than getting knocked around though. We have a slow moving high pressure system in the Bight and we are on the right side of it for favourable winds. Expect to be in Port Lincoln Sunday if the weather holds.

A more detailed update with photos will be posted once we are back in normal internet range.

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