Friday, August 7, 2009

Berkeley River to Governor Islands

The sail to the King George River was lively under spinnaker allowing us to cover the distance quickly. This gave us time to enjoy a beach walk and for Peter and Cran to fish off the rocks along the point where they caught dinner - a sizable Queenfish. The patterns in the sandstone on the beach show the many layers of sediment which formed them millions of years ago. The following morning we motored in to the King George River on the rising tide and up to the head of the river under the high sandstone cliffs and past mangrove lined tributaries where the fishing for barramundi looked promising however is proving illusive. We have had success gathering lovely plump oysters thanks to Peter and Cran who also caught a nice sized Mangrove Jack.

The King George River ends at a 100 metre high rock wall which in the wet season has spectacular double water falls - we enjoyed taking the dinghy right up to the rock wall where water now trickles down into the river. Many of the rocks around the waterfall are honeycombed by the force of the water that plunges down the gorge in the wet.

We are experiencing balmy winter weather with brilliant blue skies, cool evenings and warm days and not a cloud in sight. This week we have the added bonus of a full moon which rises in the dark blue sky of the evening above the red cliffs - we hope the photos will do it justice. Today we are under way to the Governor Islands in Napier Broome Bay in light winds and saw our first whales this year. We are looking forward to another beach walk today this time on a island with a surrounding coral reef so there could be fish for dinner tonight!

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