Saturday, September 20, 2008

We have Ann's brother Patrick coming with us for the Louisiades trip. The extra crew means we can do 4 hr watch shifts day & night and get a reasonable break between watches.

Final preparations completed and we are ready to depart the marina for the official start of the rally at noon.

Last night we had a farewell function with representatives for the PNG government and the PNG Cosul General. Traditional dances from the Louisiades put on a show and a great night was had by one and all.

The boat is setting very low in the water now that we have full fuel, water plus food & drink for 5 weeks. Ann has prepared meals for the 4 day trip to the Louisiades so we won't have to cook while underway. Patrick was cooking sausages on the BBQ on the back of the boat and the smells were causing lots of comments.

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Richard said...

Well done to you all. I am very envious.

Were the smells you refer to the sausages cooking or Patrick?

Trust you have a safe trip.

Richard and Tracy Colebatch